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Kyary featured in daily newspapers.

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Last Saturday in New York, I meet Kyary Pamyu Pamyu after the show. My life completed

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu impersonator performing Mottai Night Land

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[5:47 PMMy left thumb is the only one that’s black (top)
[8:15 PMTomorrow I’ll be doing a handshake event and mini-concert at Koshigaya Laketown! (´-`).。oO(I’ve been performing every day lately…
[9:43 PM
Today I had ribbon hair goldfish (bottom) 


[3:56 PMSpeaking of which, tonight I’ll be on SmaStation. It’s a live broadcast.

beandonple: Would you happen to know when the family party single will be available on iTunes in the US? Btw thank you for all of the Kyary updates! You're always reliable when it comes to Kyary news

"Family Party" has actually just been released on iTunes US :) And thank you very much!

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Just a re-reminder that selling kyary ticket, level 1, for 29th for cheaper now
. Get in touch asap to buy!


[4:28 PMI’m going to be on MS for the 2nd week in a row! Watch it again today, okay? AND! ALSO! I’m going to cosplaying as a certain teacher… heeheehee… hahaha…
[7:28 PM
Make sure to watch MS! I’ll be on right after this!
[8:56 PM]
Today I was Ms. Yoshinaga. We’re the Sunflower Class🌻 (top)
[8:56 PM
Shin-chan *smooch* <3 (second)
[8:58 PM]
Ms. Yoshi *pat pat* naga RT @loveKPPlove: @pamyurin Ms. Yoshinaga, you were so cute <3 ! (third)
[9:31 PM]
Let’s do one B) RT @KPP_wakana: @pamyurin Next time I hope you do a high-five event <3

iluvrainydays: I want to submit something but the link seems to be broken. :(

Sorry about that! I just added a ‘submit’ link above my blog description. Send me another message if it’s still not working for you!