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natalie.mu: Kyary to be guest vocalist in Nakata Yasutaka’s insert song for “Star Trek: Into Darkness”

Director J. J. Abrams and Nakata Yasutaka have co-produced the insert song “Into Darkness" for the release of the movie "Star Trek: Into Darkness”, which opens in Japanese theaters on August 23, 2013. It has also been revealed that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be participating in the track as the guest vocalist.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" is the sequel to the rebooted "Star Trek", which was released in 2009 and directed by Abrams. Abrams had the song "Into Darkness" created as the soundtrack for the scene in which the ‘club in the year 2259’ makes an appearance on-screen, and co-produced the song with artists from 6 different countries. The plan is that the collaboration song created by each artist will be used in their respective countries, putting Nakata in charge of producing the insert track for the Japanese version.

The song created by Nakata boasts sounds that truly make you feel as if you’re in a futuristic club, with guest vocals provided by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Upon hearing Nakata’s work, Director Abrams commented, "Of all the collaboration songs, this one is the best."

Into Darkness" is scheduled to begin distribution online in July prior to the release of the movie.

Nakata Yasutaka’s comment:

I’m honored to have been invited to [contribute to] something as great as “Star Trek”.

My collaboration with director J.J. Abrams is very inspired and exciting, and as a musician I was able to experience an adventure I hadn’t yet known.

This overwhelmingly large-scale movie is one that makes you want to encourage people who are taking on new challenges in various other fields, like I myself once was. I would be delighted if you could all leave your hang-ups about realistic-ness at the door and enjoy it along with the track that I created.

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