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[7:35 PM] Denny’s is doing their Hawaiian Fair thing… makes me feel so much better… I went and had a parfait B)

[7:39 PM] (´-`).。oO(Alone… “@Kpp129N: @pamyurin With a friend?? That’s nice!!”

[10:04 PM] What the? Is that snow falling on my reimen noodles… ? ☃ (picture)


[7:07 AM] Keep waking up early… 💭
[4:51 PM] India 🐘 (top)
[7:06 PM] Egypt 👸 (bottom)


KPP to lend new remix of “Oyasumi” to upcoming “The Nutcracker” animated movie

増田セバスチャン、有村架純 - (C) 1979,2014 SANRIO CO., LTD.TOKYO, JAPAN

To celebrate the upcoming 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, KPP’s art director Masuda Sebastian will be producing his first-ever movie, an animated version of “The Nutcracker”.

Arimura Kasumi, who made her debut as a voice actor with the new Studio Ghibli film “When Marnie Was There”, will provide the voice of the main character ‘Kurara’ in the upcoming ‘musical fantasy’.

The end of the movie will also feature a newly remixed of Kyary’s only ballad "Oyasumi" from her first album "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution" by Nakata Yasutaka himself.

The movie opens in theaters on November 29th in both 2D and 3D.


[7:29 PM] Switched up my style and went for pink hair (top)

[8:33 PM] Thank you! “@valentine_yamam: Kyary-chan came for a color touch-up💗 This time she got a sheer pink 💕 I had fun today!! Thanks as always 😘💋😘💋 (bottom)


"Music Hour" is a song by Porno Graffitti! "Radio name" is a word for when listeners participate on a radio show by phoning in, sending e-mails, etc. (Is there a word for this in English?)


[12:35 PM] It’s Lefty. I feel like my bruise is going to start talking any moment now.

Kyary means “Righty”, a character from the manga series "Parasyte" by Iwaaki Hitoshi. It was confusingly named “Righty” even though it was located on the main character’s left arm, which Kyary mixed up here.



[1:13 PM] I’m going to be on the 3 hour MS special today!

[10:23 PM] I had a heart hairdo today♡ (top)

[10:27 PM] I got a text from my friend saying that my face looked lifeless when they showed me on the reaction cam. RUDE! My eyes always look dead so.. I had lots of fun! BUMP was fantastic! (bottom)

[10:32 PM] I’m doing pop stuff so I went out on a limb, killed my eyes, and now I’m acting out a dark fantasy.


KPP Embarks on Her Positive Afterlife-Themed Japan Tour!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed the first leg of her 20-city, 26-show Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Kumo no Ue no HEAVEN’S DOOR Tour at Toda City Cultural Hall in Saitama on Sunday, July 27th. The tour, which involves both concert halls and stadiums throughout Japan, is expected to draw more than 120,000 people.

After making a triumphant return from her second world tour, the J-Pop princess performed the show under the theme of “a positive afterlife.” The fanciful concert kicked off with a scene of KPP pretending to die on stage, which was beautifully decorated with heaven-themed props designed by art director Sebastian Masuda. Her white angel costume was created by Kumiko Iijima, who has been the singer’s go-to costume designer for years.

Between songs, KPP talked about how she felt about the Japan tour, saying, “To be honest, after my world tour, we didn’t have much time and had to squeeze everything into our busy schedules but we tried our best to produce the world that no one has ever seen under the theme of the heaven. I hope you enjoy it!”

As the singer expected, the concert was all about her creation of the afterlife world that felt unique and different from the heaven and hell.

Tickets for KPP’s arena tour will go on sale on Saturday, August 23rd, expect for the Marine Messe Fukuoka concert, which will be available starting on Saturday, September 6th.


Kyary performing “Kirakira Killer” on CDTV