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[1:13 PM] I’m going to be on the 3 hour MS special today!

[10:23 PM] I had a heart hairdo today♡ (top)

[10:27 PM] I got a text from my friend saying that my face looked lifeless when they showed me on the reaction cam. RUDE! My eyes always look dead so.. I had lots of fun! BUMP was fantastic! (bottom)

[10:32 PM] I’m doing pop stuff so I went out on a limb, killed my eyes, and now I’m acting out a dark fantasy.


KPP Embarks on Her Positive Afterlife-Themed Japan Tour!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed the first leg of her 20-city, 26-show Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Kumo no Ue no HEAVEN’S DOOR Tour at Toda City Cultural Hall in Saitama on Sunday, July 27th. The tour, which involves both concert halls and stadiums throughout Japan, is expected to draw more than 120,000 people.

After making a triumphant return from her second world tour, the J-Pop princess performed the show under the theme of “a positive afterlife.” The fanciful concert kicked off with a scene of KPP pretending to die on stage, which was beautifully decorated with heaven-themed props designed by art director Sebastian Masuda. Her white angel costume was created by Kumiko Iijima, who has been the singer’s go-to costume designer for years.

Between songs, KPP talked about how she felt about the Japan tour, saying, “To be honest, after my world tour, we didn’t have much time and had to squeeze everything into our busy schedules but we tried our best to produce the world that no one has ever seen under the theme of the heaven. I hope you enjoy it!”

As the singer expected, the concert was all about her creation of the afterlife world that felt unique and different from the heaven and hell.

Tickets for KPP’s arena tour will go on sale on Saturday, August 23rd, expect for the Marine Messe Fukuoka concert, which will be available starting on Saturday, September 6th.


Kyary performing “Kirakira Killer” on CDTV


Kyary on the television show “Music Dragon”


Kyary doing a song-by-song breakdown of “Pikapika Fantasian” and performing “Kirakira Killer” on CDTV! Sorry about the low quality/delay; a better upload of the performance is waiting in the queue.


Kyary’s just added a bunch of new ”Pikapika Fantasian” and “Heaven’s Door” goods for her upcoming hall tour “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Heaven’s Door Above the Clouds”!

As a reminder, please note that you can only buy these goods in person at one of her live events, or through her official web store if you live in Japan.


Kyary performing “Kirakira Killer” on Music Dragon


[8:46 PM] I got a couple different pinks. Thank you 💅 “@chiekonakayama: I redid Kyary-chan’s nails m(__)m Various shades of pink♪♪ Thank you, I had fun (o^^o)!!”


[11:37 PM] I slept WAY too much on the plane so I’m not gonna be able to sleep any time soon!!!!! (top left)

[3:59 PM] Looks like I drank a lot yesterday B) (top right)

[4:08 PM] Karaoke was fun too (middle)

[5:44 PM] Yesterday I also drank with my PV director Mr. Tamukai! You can probably already tell by looking at the picture but when I’m drunk my face changes(´-`).。oO(my eyes… (bottom left)

[5:46 PM] After 1 drink, I’m tipsy. After 2 drinks, I’m laughing at everything. After 3 drinks I cry. “@kpp_ponpon_: @pamyurin Kyary-chan, can you hold your liquor well?

[5:49 PM] my eyes… (bottom right)

[5:49 PM] I do that a ton with girls “@3110yuji1031: @pamyurin When you’re drunk do you let people baby you?”