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[1:13 PM] I’m going to be on the 3 hour MS special today!

[10:23 PM] I had a heart hairdo today♡ (top)

[10:27 PM] I got a text from my friend saying that my face looked lifeless when they showed me on the reaction cam. RUDE! My eyes always look dead so.. I had lots of fun! BUMP was fantastic! (bottom)

[10:32 PM] I’m doing pop stuff so I went out on a limb, killed my eyes, and now I’m acting out a dark fantasy.


[8:46 PM] I got a couple different pinks. Thank you 💅 “@chiekonakayama: I redid Kyary-chan’s nails m(__)m Various shades of pink♪♪ Thank you, I had fun (o^^o)!!”


[11:37 PM] I slept WAY too much on the plane so I’m not gonna be able to sleep any time soon!!!!! (top left)

[3:59 PM] Looks like I drank a lot yesterday B) (top right)

[4:08 PM] Karaoke was fun too (middle)

[5:44 PM] Yesterday I also drank with my PV director Mr. Tamukai! You can probably already tell by looking at the picture but when I’m drunk my face changes(´-`).。oO(my eyes… (bottom left)

[5:46 PM] After 1 drink, I’m tipsy. After 2 drinks, I’m laughing at everything. After 3 drinks I cry. “@kpp_ponpon_: @pamyurin Kyary-chan, can you hold your liquor well?

[5:49 PM] my eyes… (bottom right)

[5:49 PM] I do that a ton with girls “@3110yuji1031: @pamyurin When you’re drunk do you let people baby you?”


[3:08 PMI’m on the front cover this month “@MIYAZAWaari: @pamyurin Kyary-chan♡ I bought it(b*´3`*d)♡♡ You’re sooo cute♡♡

You can buy this issue of Zipper here!

[3:13 PMI tanned… But I can’t be aomoji-kei if I’m not a vampire….. aloha~


[6:09 PM] In the pool every day


Twitter [12:09 PM] 💆 (top)
Instagram [link] 🏄 (bottom)


Instagram [link] The sunset… (top)
Twitter [7:24 PM] I’m so buff (bottom)


[1:40 PMMy Hawaii concert is over! It was so hot that I spaced out and messed up the choreography a lot. I faked it with a smile! Ahahaha! (top)

[1:42 PMI forgot to move to the side while doing the ninja pose in Ninja Re Bang Bang so my dancers left me behind…

[2:39 PM] KPP with a quilt on her chest (bottom)


Twitter [4:58 AM] In Hawaii rn 🌴
Twitter [12:21 PM] Going for a drive in a buggy (top)
Instagram [link] splish splash (bottom)


Sorry if that Saori tweet is confusing, I honestly have no clue what she means by her question and I’m not 100% sure about the translation either…