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[3:56 PMSpeaking of which, tonight I’ll be on SmaStation. It’s a live broadcast.


[4:28 PMI’m going to be on MS for the 2nd week in a row! Watch it again today, okay? AND! ALSO! I’m going to cosplaying as a certain teacher… heeheehee… hahaha…
[7:28 PM
Make sure to watch MS! I’ll be on right after this!
[8:56 PM]
Today I was Ms. Yoshinaga. We’re the Sunflower Class🌻 (top)
[8:56 PM
Shin-chan *smooch* <3 (second)
[8:58 PM]
Ms. Yoshi *pat pat* naga RT @loveKPPlove: @pamyurin Ms. Yoshinaga, you were so cute <3 ! (third)
[9:31 PM]
Let’s do one B) RT @KPP_wakana: @pamyurin Next time I hope you do a high-five event <3


[3:46 PMA video I’ve been watching every day lately. This family warms my heart…


[7:42 PMThe pose I’m doing in my senior year book is horrible…


Wikipedia describes nabeyaki udon as a “a sort of udon hot-pot, with seafood and vegetables cooked in a nabe, or metal pot”. Click here for pictures!


[12:53 PMRelease day “@unborde: 【Out today!】【Kyary Pamyu Pamyu】9th single “Family Party” out 4/16! It’s the theme song to “Crayon Shin-Chan the Movie: Gachinko! Gyakushu no Robo To-chan”! Limited Edition A + B, Regular Edition
[1:22 PMYou can buy a new song! [link]
[1:25 PM] :)
 RT @pamyurin_0129@pamyurin I bought LE A and B! The jacket covers and poster are adorable 😇💖💞 (picture)

vangoggles: I think in that last tweet, you meant "mentholatum".

Thank you! She was actually referring to a specific brand of mentholatum called “Menturm”, but she spelled it wrong (メンタム instead of メンターム).

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[12:11 PMToday is flying get day for my new song “Family Party”, which comes out tomorrow! Today at 6 PM I’ll be having a mini-concert and handshake event at Oasis 21 in Nagoya! (´-`).。oO(It’s been a while… 
[2:07 PM
*posts link* Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Family Party (video)