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[8:19 PM] Me and Mr. Nakata after TAKENOKO. Looks like we’re seriously watching the election, so unnatural-looking lol (left)
[9:17 PM] Now we’re all looking at Fukuoka Walker and looking for food and places to take your date lol (bottom)


blog entry: “Bird Day special” wednesday, november 21st, 2:17:43 PM

Yesterday I went to Hanazono Shrine’s Bird Day fair

I went to see the exhibit hut~!
I’m so happy that I got to see Amazonness Pyonko, who shocked me so much when I saw her last year. This year she somehow ate a whole chicken! *shivers*

And today I went to Asakusa’s Bird Day

I went with everyone from ASOBISYSTEM (my management office) and my producer Mr. Nakata Yasutaka! To give them a lot of business, you know?! It was so full!!!

With Mr. Nakata

We get told a lot that we look like brother and sister

Buttered potatoes, YUM

*chuckle* (#^.^#)

That was what I did yesterday and today, those Bird Day fairs

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blog entry: “Together we’re the black magic department” saturday, august 18th, 8:19:32 PM

At the TAKENOKO in Osaka

I ended up looking like I dressed up as a pair with Mr. Nakata Yasutaka

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[8:17 PMTAKENOKO’s over! Mr. Nakata and I ended up looking like we dressed as a pair. We’re the black magic department (top)
[9:44 PM
We look like family (bottom)


blog entry: “My whole day today” monday, july 16th, 1:25:15 AM

This morning I played around with the piglets on Shimura Zoo

Eep eep

At night I DJed at TAKENOKO


My reward, chocolate

Thanks for all your hard work everyone


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[11:58 PM] DJ Jumping Kyary (top)
[12:00 AM] Back DJ Mr. Nakata Yasutaka x singing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (bottom) 


blog entry: “In Kanazawa boing” sunday, june 3rd, 7:53:39 PM

First time for TAKENOKO! Went to Kanazawa a little early

It’s so Japan, ohoho

All the DJs together, ohoho

We ate shaved ice

DJs in my tour T-shirts!


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blog entry: “A congratulatory cheer” thursday, may 24th, 11:06:04 PM


With my producer Mr. Nakata Yasutaka

So happy and joyous

Yassan! Thank you so much!

A Pamyu Revo cake

Happy happy happy

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blog entry: “With Mr. Nakata ystk” monday, may 14th, 2:10:17 AM


It’s finally coming out next week! Really, thank you so much for making my album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. You’re a  g o d

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"My Kagoshima live’s over! It was so fun! Here’s a quick [pic] with Mr. Nakata ystk"

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